The forums

This page shows the forums we sell and links to their respective demo pages.

Simple Machine Forum
Simple machine is a classic forum with several features, including

  • Karma, applaud or smite forum members and keep a score of their activity
  • Post moderation, with this turned on, a moderator has to approve every post made to the forum.
  • Calendar, make a calendar for your forum, here you can write important dates or the birthdays of your members.


MyBB is a more modern version of a forum, features include:

  • a more modern style for your forum.
  • translating is easy, use the link here to go to their website here

Annotation 2020-04-22 143812

punBB is once again a more classic forum style, similar to simple machine, features include:

  • a classic look for your forum.
  • simple design, easier to understand.
  • A large amount of settings to change.


16 April 2020